(Rumored) Samsung Galaxy S5 – Sustaining innovation?

If This blog entry is to be believed, Samsung’s next flagship release – the Galaxy S5 should come with a faster chipset, fingerprint scanner, metal case, super high resolution display, and a higher resolution camera. Is this a case of sustaining innovation trap that large firms should be careful about? Though Samsung is doing its best to maintain the market leadership, watch out for disrupters!

Xolo Q700i – A bad buy or bad luck?

  In the previous post, I mentioned that in the hunt for an affordable value-for-money Smartphone, I had settled for a Xolo Q700i. It has been about two months since I have am using it. Now it is time for a review and verdict about the phone in particular and the company in general. For those who would like one-liners on evaluation metrics, here’s the brief below. Experience with Brand Xolo: Not Happy at all Product Specification: Good. At par (and above) some competing products Product Performance: Could have been way better. Audio & GPS give issues Service Network: Coverage in terms of number of...