Shubham Bhattacharya

About Me

I’m Shubham, and am a Product practitioner in Oslo. I’m also an organiser of Product Tank Oslo Meetup, where I connect product people in the community and facilitate exchange of knowledge about our craft.

I’ve been working in Product Management for over a decade and am keen to share things I’ve learned in Product and further my own craft while helping companies grow their business.

I’ve been a Chief Product Officer at Favrit, a growth stage company in Oslo developing the next gen Guest Experience Platform, disrupting the status quo in the Hospitality Industry. Previously I’ve been in Product roles in enterprises like Nagra & Philips, managing digital products of all kinds – data insights products, connected-hardware products, embedded security products, QR code solutions, guest experience platform, and more.

Before moving into Product, I’ve spent 9 years in software engineering roles at leading chipmaker STMicroelectronics and global consumer product giant Samsung. .

Across my career, I’ve experienced first hand how organisations & teams of all sizes – startups, scale-up and enterprises – aspire to be great product teams to deliver value, but struggle doing so.

I’ve learned the hard way, the value of solid cross-functional leadership, need for a clear product vision & strategy and a culture that embraces the principles needed to succeed with product. You’ll see some of insights in the blog posts here.

I help startups, scale ups, and enterprise organisations succeed with this.

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How can we work together?

Are you looking for an experienced international Product Leader who can …

  • Create product vision and drive the team through product strategy?
  • Demystify product discovery? Figure out which opportunities to address first?
  • Get commercial and product teams to run in the same direction while you accelerate?

Are you a Founder / C-level that needs help to offload “product responsibilities”?

Applying my CPO & Product Director experiences, I help companies become a “Product” company i.e. set strategic direction based on customer insights and business outcomes, fostering a collaborative, empowered team culture. I work with business leaders to create product vision, execute on the product vision, define how to listen to the market, understand the customer needs, prioritise features and develop the product and build & lead a cross-functional team.

How: As a CPO / Head of Product, Full time or Fractional (part time or a pre-defined duration)

Are you a CPO / Product Leader in need of a sparring partner, or a coach for your team?

With the successes and failures from my past, I bring in a cross-functional, customer-first approach to product development (discovery and delivery). I help teams to understand which customer problem is worth solving first by aligning with the business goal. And while doing so, aligning the organisation on the key aspects to drive a relevant GTM strategy.

How: As a Product Coach / Advisor to individuals or your team member(s)


Find a time that is convenient to you and we can meet up for an in-person meeting or a virtual coffee chat.

or write to me:  shubham dot bhattacharya @ shubhambhattacharya dot com