Impact Of Digital Revolution On Strategy At Enterprises

‘Digital’ is the new thing in enterprise organizations, while ‘Agility’ is a phenomenon that comes naturally to the new age start-ups. How can the large enterprise organizations embrace ‘agility’ and be ‘digital’ despite the baggage they have? What tell-tale signs should they look for and what pitfalls to avoid when adopting the digital revolution? Despite […]

Does Flipkart need to move step in step with Amazon?

Flipkart, the leading Indian eCommerce company recently launched its own brand of Android Tablet devices, starting with a Digiflip Pro XT712. Flipkart claims that this step will take it closer to building an eCommerce eco-system. But, with the low price positioning of this device in an already crowded tablet & smartphone market – does this […]

Smartphone Industry in India – Spoilt for choices

Before I left for France in Jan 2012, the Indian Smartphone market was dominated by Nokia, Samsung, RIM & Sony. As per data (from a report) back in 2011 Nokia was a market leader in the Smartphone industry with ~45% market share, Samsung & RIM (now Blackberry) together at 36%. Apart from this five Indian Smartphone makers including a […]