An Innovation Framework: ‘Who do you innovate for?’

In the previous post, I outlined the classic innovation challenge. I briefly laid out the key aspects product leaders think of when prioritizing between new initiatives. In light of these constraints, how can innovation leaders choose the areas to focus on? Additionally, what aspects should innovators articulate when pitching their ideas? All of this with […]

The Innovation Challenge: Who do you innovate for?

How often have companies created innovations that no one wants to buy? Have you encountered tech teams working on ideas based purely on the tech-marvel rather than a real customer-need? As innovation leaders, how do you innovate effectively? How can technology leaders, reduce the barriers for technology adoption? How can they increase the likelihood of ideas […]

Impact Of Digital Revolution On Strategy At Enterprises

‘Digital’ is the new thing in enterprise organizations, while ‘Agility’ is a phenomenon that comes naturally to the new age start-ups. How can the large enterprise organizations embrace ‘agility’ and be ‘digital’ despite the baggage they have? What tell-tale signs should they look for and what pitfalls to avoid when adopting the digital revolution? Despite […]

Can firms challenge critical mass in multi-sided platform markets?

I came across this nicely written piece about platform markets – “From Netscape to eHarmony: The High Risks and Big Rewards of Platform Markets” on Technology eco-systems are common in markets with multi-sided business models – For e.g the smartphone app-store connecting developers & phone-users, online-marketplace & storefronts connecting buyers & sellers. The article introduces the […]

mPOS: Addressing new customer segments! A case of blue-ocean strategy!

In an attempt to better understand and apply the blue-ocean strategy, I decided to test the framework on a rapidly evolving market – the payment’s industry. The solutions in the payments industry can be broadly classified into categories: those addressing emerging economies and those addressing developed economies. It naturally follows that the value propositions of the payments […]

The Fit for Growth℠ approach & Business Model Innovation

This post is based on my reading of “A Fit for GrowthSM Framework for Telecom Operators: Aligning Capabilities, Costs, and Structure” by Martin Reitenspiess, Christine Rupp, Hannes Gmelin, and Chady Smayra, via Booz & Co. It is an attempt to reconstruct the proposal made in the publication by drawing analogies to other pieces of work. This publication (from April 2013) […]

P&G: A case for Strategic Innovation

This blog entry by Ken Favaro on strategy+business shares an insight into how P&G has done well not only in product innovation in the past, but has also demonstrated the ability to innovate in its business functions. The article puts forth the need for more strategic innovation – or business model innovation, if I may dare to […]