How to decipher product management roles (part II)

In my previous post, I started with the product-market attributes that affect the roles and responsibilities of a product manager. I fleetingly mentioned the second factor, organizational variables, that impacts a product manager role. Below are four organizational variables that shape the product role. Organizational Variables 1. Market vs engineering centric An ideal organization is one […]

How to decipher product management roles (part I)

It should not come as a surprise that product management roles vary across different companies. The Product Management Benchmark Report 2017 from the Product Management Festival reveals that there is varied spectrum of key product management responsibilities. It includes product strategy, requirements gathering and marketing & sales, among others. Product roles vary across organizations from […]

Are you happy with your LinkedIn account?

Being an active job seeker, I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. Over the past few months I have seen several changes in LinkedIn, from the web user interface to the business focus. Starting with a Freemium business model back in 2003, it has evolved into a multi-sided business model. The LinkedIn Recruiter Product back from […]

Marissa Mayer’s Unauthorized Biography .. via Business Insider

Wow.. just finished reading “The Truth About Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography” by Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider; I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this here. Its quite long, but quite the thriller in itself.. ! The part I liked best  …. The past two years at Google — since she was, according to the rest of […]

Product Manager: The messenger of the market!

I came across this presentation on the Pragmatic Marketing website about a year back and thought of sharing this on the blog here. The author, Steve Johnson, presents an extremely interesting articulation of the Product Management role in technology companies – “A product manager is a messenger of the market”. [slideshare id=410091&doc=strategicroleproductmanagement-1210935984951958-8] He also presents interesting insights […]