Wow.. just finished reading The Truth About Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography” by Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider; I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this here.

Its quite long, but quite the thriller in itself.. ! The part I liked best  ….

The past two years at Google — since she was, according to the rest of the world “demoted” — had been quieter than the first 11, but in many ways more challenging and exciting.

In local and geo, she’d taken over a much more massive operation than the one she’d been running at Google.

Whenever people asked her about the “demotion,” as Wolf and the other directors might over dinner, Mayer always pointed out how she had gone from managing 250 product managers in search to supervising a much larger, more diverse group of managers — 1,100 people managing engineering, design, marketing, and sales. Mayer would tell people that she was supervising some 6,000 contractors.

She’d figured out that by the fraction of the company, the geo and local piece that she was running was something like 20-25 percent of the company’s overall headcount.

The business challenges she’d dealt with in those years had been as diverse as the types of people she managed.


Perspectives! When you know what to learn from an experience than worry about what ‘people’ think, you prepare yourself for the right opportunities! While Yahoo’s recent products have seen a huge turnaround and there’s news about increasing traffic, one must agree that there is have positive change for now.



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