User persona – Who IS my user?

When developing, marketing & selling a product it is crucial to understand who is my targeted user. Dive deeper into the business outcomes to derive where can you extract growth from. There are more elements to think of in multi-sided business models. There are also differences in B2B vs. B2B2C businesses. Think hard and align […]

Don’t build a product like this…(2/2)

In the previous post, I outlined a part of my innovation journey as a software developer creating a new product. To start with, in the first part, I outlined the context. This was followed by the missteps from conceptualization to a point when I created a gold-plated product solution. In this post, I will layout […]

Don’t build a product like this! (1/2)

It was 2006. Working as a software developer in India, I developed software products for mobile devices. Yet I had never interacted with a Product Manager. In fact, I didn’t even know that such a role existed. I was on a journey of innovation to achieve #WorldDomination.Here’s one such experience with innovation. There were so […]

LinkedIn – has the product lost its charm?

“Shares have fallen more than 40 per cent since Steven Sordello, the company’s chief financial officer, warned about slowing growth at the so-called “talent solutions business”, which sells subscriptions to companies hunting for potential hires.” – quotes an article on the Financial Times about LinkedIn in the recent past. Here’s my brief take on it as […]

For meaningful user experience, product manager must ask “why?”

A conversation during an interview for a Product Manager Imagine a conversation between the Head of Product (HoP) and a candidate interviewing for a product manager position in his team. HoP: You need a build a feature which allows users to do <a specific task with the product>. How would you go about it? Candidate: First figure how the user […]

Who should tell you ‘what’s on TV tonight’?

Following up on the previous one. Having laid out the content value chain, I pointed to the demand side indication that – availability of content has made discovery a problem worth solving. A quick glance at each of them below. Content Creation Premium content makers like Disney and Discovery Communications have taken a leap towards Direct to Consumer […]

What’s on TV tonight?

That is  a million dollar question. Unless if you are extremely opinionated on what you like to watch! The internet and other rapidly evolving technologies have drastically lowered the barriers of content creation and distribution. This has resulted in an explosion of content for consumption. Content creators like Studios now compete with likes of Netflix and niche artists […]

Should the TV Guide still be ‘yet another application’?

After two back to back events, IFA at Berlin and IBC at Amsterdam, its finally good to get back home. These are two places where you would expect a lot to happen in the consumer electronics space and the closely related content-space. I took the opportunity to attend a few conferences this time at IBC […]