Shares have fallen more than 40 per cent since Steven Sordello, the company’s chief financial officer, warned about slowing growth at the so-called “talent solutions business”, which sells subscriptions to companies hunting for potential hires.” – quotes an article on the Financial Times about LinkedIn in the recent past.

Here’s my brief take on it as a user. Being a platform business model, a.k.a a multi-sided business model I would expect LinkedIn to keep the mass of individual end users excited about using LinkedIn. But, in several experiences I have felt LinkedIn lacking in it offerings.

  1. A few days of extensive usage to the advanced search functionality, subsequently blocked me from searching more. I had apparently reached ‘commercial limit for search’ (A problem well articulated here).
  2. All this when I was looking for the next career opportunity. Yet getting a job-seeker account upgrade did not help. It had to be a still higher premium account. I always considered the reach towards second and third degree contacts as a key proposition.
  3. InMails go un-responded very often. The ability to send out a certain InMails is interesting. But only if I have any ways of seeing if the other user responds. The least it can do is tell me if the other user read it. Getting in-mail credits refunded is not exactly the reason why I opt for a premium account.
  4. Inviting Group members: This was a cool feature to connect with members having similar interests. A quick two lines to introduce yourself and describe the intent to connect comes handy when reaching out to people out of your network, but within same groups. That is something I sorely miss.

Does LinkedIn itself use its Talent Solution for hiring?

And lastly, the article in FT states “The company is confident that Talent Solutions will succeed”. I wonder why LinkedIn itself uses JobVite to sources CVs from potential candidates. Do they use their own talent solution in the backend? I can’t say for sure. But while sourcing CVs from potential employees, they definitely do not.

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Why does LinkedIn use JobVite? What about its own Talent Solution?

Click here to read the elaborate article on the Financial Times.

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