After having worked in the technology domain for close to eight years, its time for a change. I have been contemplating this for some time now, only in the past 2 years did this decision get some more shape. Time to add another educational qualication for the resume, time to move on beyond the graduation.

One rescheduling for the GMAT date and three applications later, here I am preparing to move to my new alma-mater, the HEC School of Management, Paris. The journey in the future promises a roller coaster ride. Do I manage to stay on the car or will the external forces be too much to handle? Am betting on the former than the latter.

Its the start of November now and in 2 more months, accompanied by fellow MBA candidates, I shall be trudging along into the vast green lush campus of HEC. Some of us have already met in-person before, some are e-friends – thanks to the social media rage.

The wisdom of my decision is challenged With the global economic condition not being in a pretty state. Adding to it, is the exceptional state of the Euro zone of nations. What will happen at the end of it (or at the new beginning of it) is not known.

During our graduation days, lots of classmates moved to the US to pursue their MS. A few seniors also advised then, that the recession (which started in 2000) would eventually be over by the time the MS is done with. As with any patterns (like those of the stock market as well) the current scenario seems to be ‘oversold territory’ (tech chart jargon). I believe, thats the only positive. The world has to come out of the ‘oversold’ and the seniors’ advice would be right yet again.

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