It has been a while since I have started this blog. It has been enriching being more disciplined in creating original content (while curating some). Looking back over these 49 blog post entries, I thought it might be a good time to take a pause – and collate in the 50th entry some of the original content I created in the process. So here it follows …

1.Smart e-Governance – An entry strategy for Smart Cities
2.mPOS: Addressing new customer segments! A case of blue-ocean strategy!
3.Yahoo acquires Tumblr – a move towards competitive parity?
4.A case for new market entry – is this the right diversification?
5.Business Model Canvas – validating a reading –
6.Are you happy with your LinkedIn account?
7.Market sizing, product strategy … dealing with a shrinking 2D printing market..
8.The Perpetual Learner – where should he go?
9.The Fit for Growth℠ approach & Business Model Innovation

The central theme inter-twined among these has been technology – that is what I am passionate about. Hope you find them interesting.

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